Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween;Medoll Comp.


I find myself writing alot on here. Three posts and it's my second day. Hmm.
Well, expect a lot from me, because I can't stop writing!
Anyway, my topic today is Halloween.
I really want to dress up for school, and on Stardoll too!
For school I'm being a cowgirl! But on Stardoll, unless you're creative, there isn't much they give you. Just find something totally out of the blue, and be it! Most popular costumes are celebrities!

Also, have you checked out Gia's blog today? Gia is Stardoll's, as she says, diva extraordinaire! She has one of my favourite gossip blogs. Anyways, today, she started her 'The Good, The Bad, and the Fugly" medoll contest today. It's kind of harsh, but yet kind of true. You can visit her

What do you think?
Tres harsh, or tres genius?!
Cyehh soon,

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