Thursday, October 30, 2008



Heeeyy! Like my banner! It's ecspecially for Halloween! I'm so excited! October 30th was the Halloween party at TrendLounge, and though I couldn't make it, I got some pictures of some really awesome dressed people!


These people are dressed as:
-To_Royal= Marie Antoinette [Or a person of that era]
-FakeShake3= Cruella Devil
-WriteMaryCat= Rihanna in Disturbia
-Diana_Prince= Tinkerbell
-InnerBeautyMag= 80's Barbie Doll
-GlossyMagazine= Paris Hilton
-Sop*Sop= 60's!

You guys look great!

How was everyone's Halloween???

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nose Problem

I was just visiting people from stardoll and most fashion girls wear one type of nose,the last one of the nose'list. But the nose dissapeared! I had to change my whole look and other members too! I'm so dissapointed with stardoll....I actually like my new look but...just look at the others. I will not put images because i'm quite busy but I promise this will be the last time I will not post images.
I've asked Stardoll why did they do that and I'm waiting for an answer. Hope they will return our nose back!
Please tell us,what do you think?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween;Medoll Comp.


I find myself writing alot on here. Three posts and it's my second day. Hmm.
Well, expect a lot from me, because I can't stop writing!
Anyway, my topic today is Halloween.
I really want to dress up for school, and on Stardoll too!
For school I'm being a cowgirl! But on Stardoll, unless you're creative, there isn't much they give you. Just find something totally out of the blue, and be it! Most popular costumes are celebrities!

Also, have you checked out Gia's blog today? Gia is Stardoll's, as she says, diva extraordinaire! She has one of my favourite gossip blogs. Anyways, today, she started her 'The Good, The Bad, and the Fugly" medoll contest today. It's kind of harsh, but yet kind of true. You can visit her

What do you think?
Tres harsh, or tres genius?!
Cyehh soon,

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dramatic Black...

Hello again. I really couldn't keep myself away!
Anyway, I was searching pages on stardoll when I came across, perhaps, an upcoming trend? It seems black gowns and creations are a big hit among some of Stardoll's fashionistas. Also, people are creating clothing out of 4-30 pieces of clothing, and minishop items!
Check these out:

Who wore it best?
Put your vote in a comment.
More coming soon!
XO, Shelby.

I've been slacking..

Heeeeeeeeey :) I'm so sorry that i've been slacking off, its just i've been so busy! I haven't been posting any pics OR blogging and news. I am really sorry, and I promise, this is the LAST time I will be posting without a picture. I vowed that I was going to be totally committed to this blog, and that I'll be posting everyday. That is what I intended to do, and that's what i'm going to do now.

Once again I am truly sorry :(
More posts soon! Thanks.
Hey! My name's Shelby, and I've just been recently hired to blog for The Stardoll Newspaper! It's my first blog and I'm so excited!
You can visit my suite here.
I updated my blogger profile aswell, with all my hobbies, and things I enjoy. I'll be coming on here to blog about Stardoll news, gossip, and anything on my mind!
I'm also super excited for Halloween. Out school is having a dance, and I don't know what to be! Any ideas?
More blogging soon,
Shelby :)

Annoying Advertisement

This advertisement is annoying! In my computer it´s in spanish...
What do you think?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

New Look Dress

I was searching around starplaza and look what I found!

A fantastic pink New Look Dress.

I went to New Look real life shop yesterday and there was the same dress!

What do you think?

Friday, October 24, 2008


Go, and buy everything!


Thursday, October 23, 2008

More news :)

Yay! More clothes :)
Check them out:

So, what's your opinion?


Hahaha, funny!!

Hey y'all, sorry I can't post any pics, I am totally in a hurry. Anyways, I logged in today on Stardoll after 4 days, and I noticed I was superstar...? Weird, right? Well, I was bored one day (don't get me wrong) and I sent a message to Stardoll saying that my membership finished early, and guess what... they probably believed me and they gave me membership.. OMG.....

Try it!! It worked for meeeee!


Gifts From Stardoll Admin? Arrgghh!!!!

Ahoy! Lol. Who here Got About six or seven gifts from stardoll admin today? They're all pirate themed! =P

I got a hook, pirate pants, pirate vest and blouse, a sword, pirate boots which were rather nice, and even a pirates hat?

I know that somethings better than nothing, but, yuk?

New StarDesign INTERIOR!

Oh my Gosh! I can't believe it.

It's just amazing :)

Tell me your opinion!


New hairstyles!

Here are some of them:

Ohh, and also! There are new lips and eyes :)
What do you think?

Halloween, Yay!

Check out the new theme!
It's all about Halloween ;)
What's your opinion?


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pink for October

I'm in love with the Pink for October's clothes.
It's not cheap.. But I bought it all anyways!
What do you think?

Monday, October 20, 2008

Wooooooooooho :P

Oh God, I'm going to buy them all.
What do you think?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

New Clothes :)

What do you think?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Starplaza Do's and Donts

We all visit starplaza planning what to buy next. There are so many varieties, yet so many combinations. Once a month, I will write an entry all about the dos and don’ts in starplaza. ‘What to buy and what not to buy...’
Have you ever seen something so cute in starplaza, but seem to find nothing to make it work? Well I have too. That’s why a great way to make something work is to layer and accessorize.
I interviewed some of my friends to get some answers. I asked callie_a737 if there were any outfits in starplaza she had trouble matching up. She answered, “I really find anything from "Fudge" hard to match. Everything is very brightly coloured and has nothing to go with it.”She was absolutely right. I spent half an hour in fudge trying to match up some ‘mistakes’ with no prevail. What I also noticed was some girls with the ‘tanned’ skin colour buy the orange flounced top in fudge expecting it would work. Well it doesn’t! The colour completely clashes with the skin tone and looks very tacky indeed. Thankyou callie_a737 for pointing that one out. Visit her page for some of her fab fashion styles on the link below:
But Fudge isn’t the only mistake in starplaza. Other fashion don’ts include...
-Fallen Angel. Some of the outfits can be well matched up, but some just look too ‘black scened’. Too see the right way to match fallen angel merch, Visit the owner of this blog, Emma, for her fabulous styles.
-Tingeling. I think we’re not little children playing dress up here. I mean, really. Musketeer capes? Mermaid Skirts? Clown oriented Balloon Trousers? Girls, unless you found something to match DO NOT buy anything from Tingeling for now. But, don’t get TOO caught up in what I said. The Paris dress and black lace dress are both still acceptable if matched up with the right accessories.
Thanks to VanilorDragon, I have noticed something also very important and sad in starplaza.
“I find a lot of the pants/skirts/shirts hard to match with tops. They may appear the same colour in the store, but once you buy them, they're off on colour by a little, but just enough to be noticed.”What a rip off! But...
I’m not going to just talk about the dont’s. Let’s talk about the dos. Likwhoaitsmaria gave a very helpful tip for us stardoll shoppers. “Most of the stuff in the starplaza is really matchy matchy lol. But I kind of like to have seprates because your outfit looks more original when you make it yourself and dont just put two pieces that are obviously supposed to go together, together.” So true. Go check out likwhoitsmaria’s match-ups on
Lastly, I will talk about how to match up what’s ‘hot right now’ in starplaza. Most of my friends agreed on the black lace theme.
Maria_la_mala says, “ii THiiNK WHAT iiS H0T RiiGHT N0W iiS THE BALCK LACE iiTS S00 PRETTY HAHA :]]” The best way to match up black lace for a low budget is to buy the black lace dress from tingeling for 6 stardollars, the black lace umbrella for 5 stardollars and the black lace scarf for 4 stardollars. You can always match it with a pair of black shoes of your choice.
This costs up to 15 stardollars. Not bad!
Write Tomorrow! Jessica ©

Friday, October 17, 2008


Hello everyone :)

Well, since just me, Yasmeen, and Kofta are writing for the blog.. I was thinking about NEW WRITERS!!!

Yeah, that's right. I need someone that can write everyday (and more..)

Please, contact me (Sweet_3094) if you are interested ;P

Have a nice day!


PS: What do you think about the new clothes? :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sorry :(

**BTW, Sorry for no head banner, i'm too busy!!***

I'm not quitting, lol :D Nothing like that. It's that I haven't been on Stardoll or the internet in a couple of days. Well, my family computer crashed, and we don't have another one. My dad fixed it, but the Internet Explorer is the OOOLD kind, and the font isn't right. We were going to upgrade to Internet Explorer 9 or something, but thats the reason why our computer crashed. Anyways, I won't be on till maybe Saturday or Sunday, since I can't even reply to my own messages. I am TERRIBLY sorry y'all, I really am!

Tell me, what has happened over the past couple of days? I heard LOTS of things happened, including the new starplaza! Love it, hate it...?

I personally think the old one was better, simply because it was just more easier. Now they've added the frickin' "dressing room", and thats just messin' everything up. I don't really like it, and I really wish Stardoll could just stop upgrading everything.

Tell us what you think!

NOTE: Please do not send me any messages on my Stardoll, it won't let me reply to any of them!! OH, AND NOTE TO EMMA***** I live in the Central Time Zone :D

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New furniture!

Ohh yes! Stardoll has realised new Fallen Angel furniture.
It isn't really cheap and it's not my style, but I like some stuff!
What do you think?



Yes, most of us All here on Stardoll Dream to be Superstar. Whether we want it forever, or want it if we don't have it. Of course, Superstar is a privilege, and a total waste of money. Read on...
I did some research, and asked my friends what they thought of superstar. Some said, "I love it! It's so cheap and i want to be one Forever." While others said, "It's a waste of Money" or "I wish it was free".
Hadn't Stardoll thought that some parents may not be able to to pay with the choices available?
I Think Superstar is a bit Expensive for Virtual Items, but my Parents Let still let me be one and pay ten dollars every month. That's 30 per three months, and 100 per year! Those one hundred could be used to buy something important to life.
I visited the Help Section on Stardoll to search what you get when being superstar, having superstar membership. (Just so you know, Superstar Membership is payed by credit card, and Normal superstar is payed by Phone, but you get less stardollars.) This is what you get....
STARDOLL SAYS: “Superstar is our exclusive VIP membership club. As a Superstar you will enjoy:
* A premium package of Stardollars, paid out over the course of your Superstar Membership* StarBazaar: Open your own Vintage stall in the StarBazaar and re-sell your old clothes.
* 10 rooms for your Superstar Suite
* Superstar Chat: Extra features including emoticons when you invite your friends into your Suite to chat and play.
* 50% Superstar Sales are just for you. Stretch those Stardollars even further.
* Early access to all New Stardolls
* Featured status on the Stardoll Catwalk - displayed on every start page
* Saving up to 30 different dolls in your expanded Album
* Being able to send Broadcast Messages to the entire Stardoll world.
* A golden frame around your Avastar and a highly ranked search profile
* Superstars can top-up their account with even more Stardollars
* A Superstar badge on your Avastar and nickname
* Special high-end items from Real Brands, Celebrity labels and our own designs are kept in reserve for your Superstar delectation
* Design, buy and sell your own original fashions in the StarDesign Studio
* Be the first to enjoy all our upcoming singular Superstar features now in development.”
Great Features! But don’t you think the Non-Superstars should get at least twenty stardollars per week? Or even being able to buy and sell from the Starbazaar?
We probably all remember the non-superstar strike that happened about two-three months ago. Well, who ever came up with that silly idea was wrong. Why would stardoll listen to our opinion? All they want is money...
So... What do you think? Should Superstar be enabled for all... or stay the way it is now?
Sincerely, Jessica ©

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Tingeling clothes!

Hey everyone!
I have great news, Stardoll has realised new Tingeling clothes!
I just love the lace handbag, the lace anklet pumps and the black lace dress, but that is just my opinion! What's yours?


Monday, October 13, 2008

Rocco Love

Other than The Sad Musketeer Madness, I've come to write some good news. How beautiful are the new Rocco Outfits in Voile?As Soon as they came out for Half Price in Starplaza, I had to have them. This line included a Gorgeous V-Neck Baby pink hem Dress, a Black and yellow high wasted skirt, a Bow-Tie Chiffon Blouse, and my Personal Favourite, the Inspired by Zac Posen Dress. Check out my Suite to See the Dress on me. Here are are some Tips for Matching the Perfect Accessories and Shoes with these Outfits, for a Modest Budget.

If You want to But The Inspired By Zac Posen Dress, The Perfect Shoes I have to say would be the Ankle Band Sandals from Pretty in Pink. they are A Baby Pink/Peach colour which also Matches with the V-Neck Hem Dress, for only $4. Now, It was Pretty hard to find a Matching Bag, But I did manage to Find the Rio Chicas Hilary Hand bag for $5. See, only $9 Stardollars to Buy Matching Accessories For such a Cute Dress! Also, If you want A little Something for your hair, Go buy the Baby Pink/Peach Hair bow in Splendid for $4.

Does the V-Neck Layered Hem Dress Suit you Best? If you happen to have the Hotbuys Buttoned Blouse, Wear it on top of the Hem Dress, (See suite for more) Buy a fallen Angel Girls 20's Necklace for $3 Stardollars, and Wear The Ankle Band Sandals I was Talking about Before. That Equals $7 Stardollars. I love Designer Bargains.

Happen to Love the Yellow And Black High Wasted Skirt? Wear it with a Plain Black top, The Yellow-ish Chanel Bag, and The Yellow Stiletto Heels, For the Total of $8. Yay!

Lastly, Fancy the Bowtie Chiffon Blouse? Wear it underneath with the DKNY white Classic Shirt For $5, and Sophie Skinnies from Heidi Klum for all up $12. Any white/black shoes and handbags of yours will match.

Before I End this article, have a read of what the Stardoll Staff say about Rocco.“Rococo Styled Outfits brings you fashion that transforms the wearer : inspired by designers like Zac Posen and Alexander McQueen. Indulge in a fantasy of crinolines princesses, cut with a sharp dash of crisp Victorian tailoring. Explore the romance of fine lace that bursts into a froth of creamy frills and is finally contained with a top hat and parasol. Indulge in ballerina-length, flounced dresses, each more insanely exquisite than the last, as you live a fashion moment of spectacle and extravagance that remains wearable and contemporary.”

Have Fun shopping!

Sincerely, Jessica. ©