Monday, October 13, 2008

Rocco Love

Other than The Sad Musketeer Madness, I've come to write some good news. How beautiful are the new Rocco Outfits in Voile?As Soon as they came out for Half Price in Starplaza, I had to have them. This line included a Gorgeous V-Neck Baby pink hem Dress, a Black and yellow high wasted skirt, a Bow-Tie Chiffon Blouse, and my Personal Favourite, the Inspired by Zac Posen Dress. Check out my Suite to See the Dress on me. Here are are some Tips for Matching the Perfect Accessories and Shoes with these Outfits, for a Modest Budget.

If You want to But The Inspired By Zac Posen Dress, The Perfect Shoes I have to say would be the Ankle Band Sandals from Pretty in Pink. they are A Baby Pink/Peach colour which also Matches with the V-Neck Hem Dress, for only $4. Now, It was Pretty hard to find a Matching Bag, But I did manage to Find the Rio Chicas Hilary Hand bag for $5. See, only $9 Stardollars to Buy Matching Accessories For such a Cute Dress! Also, If you want A little Something for your hair, Go buy the Baby Pink/Peach Hair bow in Splendid for $4.

Does the V-Neck Layered Hem Dress Suit you Best? If you happen to have the Hotbuys Buttoned Blouse, Wear it on top of the Hem Dress, (See suite for more) Buy a fallen Angel Girls 20's Necklace for $3 Stardollars, and Wear The Ankle Band Sandals I was Talking about Before. That Equals $7 Stardollars. I love Designer Bargains.

Happen to Love the Yellow And Black High Wasted Skirt? Wear it with a Plain Black top, The Yellow-ish Chanel Bag, and The Yellow Stiletto Heels, For the Total of $8. Yay!

Lastly, Fancy the Bowtie Chiffon Blouse? Wear it underneath with the DKNY white Classic Shirt For $5, and Sophie Skinnies from Heidi Klum for all up $12. Any white/black shoes and handbags of yours will match.

Before I End this article, have a read of what the Stardoll Staff say about Rocco.“Rococo Styled Outfits brings you fashion that transforms the wearer : inspired by designers like Zac Posen and Alexander McQueen. Indulge in a fantasy of crinolines princesses, cut with a sharp dash of crisp Victorian tailoring. Explore the romance of fine lace that bursts into a froth of creamy frills and is finally contained with a top hat and parasol. Indulge in ballerina-length, flounced dresses, each more insanely exquisite than the last, as you live a fashion moment of spectacle and extravagance that remains wearable and contemporary.”

Have Fun shopping!

Sincerely, Jessica. ©