Thursday, November 27, 2008

Welcome to Paris. . . Free things in the MiniShop!

Alright so there are some free things in the MiniShop today!

There are 3 dogs, and a Book. Enjoy!

Stay tuned for more days on the streets of Paris.

Much love. .

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Welcome to Paris. . . December Hot Buys

Alright, so the new hot buys have hit the Stardoll, and to be quite honest I was shocked.

I mean come on! Sparkles??

I though we were a little past the whole 'Sparkle Girl' era. But that's not to say it's all bad. In fact, I would buy the White Dress, Diamond shoes. However, the trousers? I understand this is a bit of a trend, but they aren't good pants!

What do you all think??

Monday, November 24, 2008

Shelby_2007: Farewell.

Well, readers, I am so busy, words cannot describe. I know I have not written, and I'm afriad I won't be until the New Year. Here are some of the things I've been doing that are keeping me from writing:
1. Cheerleading [We hve practice 4 times a week, and fundraising on the weekends.]
2. School [I'm getting a C in math, and need to study super hard.
3. Dance. [Three times a week. Working on Music Festival dance.]
4. Guitar. [Two times a week.]
5. Friends. [Barely have time for them.]
6. Time at home. [Probably three times a week, in the evening. And once afterschool.]
7. Toxic Magazine. [I'm the graphics editor]
8 Untitled Magazine. [Making graphics.]
9. And not to mention... THREE BLOGS.
Oh boyy.

Hope I didn't bore you with that, but that's my reason.
I'm sorry, but I will drop by occasionally.
Shelby Delaio.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Welcome to Paris. . . Tokyo

On the next stop of Fashion Cities, we are brought to Tokyo. Here is what the voice had to say about it:

''Tokyoites are connoisseurs of fashion and the city has long been a happening clothing destination.

Styled Outfit travels to Tokyo’s Harajuku district to explore the wildest in street style with its bubble-gum-colored palette, anime and rockabilly inspired looks -- all combined with throwback elements such as bonnets, petticoats and parasols.

The inventiveness and inspired combination's of Tokyo Street Style can be seen in high fashion, particularly in the quixotic designs of Betsey Johnson, Imitation of Christ and Vivienne Westwood.''

The look is a little out there, but also has a great deal of originality, and personality in every item. I was a little disappointed, because this was an already existing look on Stardoll, but they referred to it as Idoru.

Stay tuned for more days on the streets of Paris.

Much love. .

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Welcome to Paris. . .Christmas Dolls

Recently, I've really been in the Christmas Spirit. Listening to Christmas music, watching Christmas Movies, sipping hot chocolate, the whole bit.
So I decided I'd do up my album on stardoll to reflect that. The following dolls may give you some ideas on how to decorate your album for the up and coming festivities.

DKNY Holiday 2007
Miranda Kerr
Johnny Knoxville
Christmas Fairy
Michelle Trachtenberg

The best dolls I find for Christmas, have coats, mittens, hats, ect. Here are a few of my favorite, but feel free to browse through stardoll and find your own.

I assume that christmas events on stardoll should be starting shortly. This will be my 3rd year on stardoll at Christmas and every year they usually have an advent calender, filled with free and cheap items that reflect the holidays, so start saving up your money to insure you get all the ones you want.

Happy Styling!

Stay tuned for more days on the streets of Paris.

Much love. .

Eh......Are they going crazy?

Are they going crazy or it's just a big big big mistake made by the stardoll staff?

I mean come on! 12 stardollars for a pair of shoes! 28 stardollars for a dress!

What's happening to stardoll?! We want our old stardoll back!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Albums!

Hey guys!
Click on to your albums, and you are about to get a huge surprise!
They must have re-do them, and they look fabulous. . All including, New album covers, and you can even add clothing and items from your suite! Make sure you check it out! And well your at it, maybe delete old entries, and start a Christmas look book! Feel free to check out mine, I'm working on a new one as we speak!
Check it out!

Stay tuned for more days on the streets of Paris.

Much love. .

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Moi3000: EMERGENCY!!!

I am just going to go straight into it, here it is:

Evil Panda???
You can only see it if you go on search.
And if you search it, it comes up with nothing.

Love ya,

Moi3000: New Game?

Do you like the 
new game?
It is quite fun, but, it can get really boring.

Do you think Stardoll is trying to tell us some new things are coming??


Welcome to PARIS . . . . Bisou

As we all know, there were new stores added about 2 week ago. Bisou is one of them. I personally think It's brilliant.

It's like a time Machine back to the 80's & 90's. With the mix of fun popping colours, shoulder pads, and rips, this is truly a style for the rocker inside you. I presonally think this is a fabulous line with it's own unique character.

I can admit, some idems are a little out there, but then again, the 80's were CARZY.The mixture of cute hats, Plaids, and suspenders, really does add an elemnt that we don't see in any of the other stardoll brand.
Go wild with this new line, in rips, bold patterns, and shoulder pads!

Stay tuned for more days on the streets of Paris.

Much love. .

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Welcome to PARIS . . . . New Advertisements?!

Has anyone else noticed the annoying advertisements at the side of the stardoll bar??They use to have cute ones for their own website, but now it's for companies like Microsoft. I find these JUST SO ANNOYING when I'm trying to play on stardoll. Come to think of it, I hadn't noticed them before this weekend. . I realize it's a quick and easy way to make money, but is this ruining the one thing people liked about it?? What do you all think?Is stardoll slumming??

In other news,
Pick of the Day

Pick of the day, Cute or Not?I personally think It's ADORABLE! What do you think??
Stay tuned for more days on the streets of

Much love. .

Monday, November 17, 2008

Clothing SPOILER!


What's coming next here at Stardoll?
Here is an upcoming dress:


Hot or not?
I say HOT!
More spoilers coming soon!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Well, I suppose I can talk about everything that's going on!

1. Teen Style Magazine is having a Top Model competition! Here's how to enter:
a) Get your Medoll ready for New Year's Eve; in whatever you think is right for the occasion.
b) Write a few words describing your outfit.
c) Take a screen shot of your Medoll, and save it on your computer.
d) Lastly, send the picture as an attachment (along with the description, and your Stardoll name) to Selena's e-mail address:

The winner will appear in a special New Year's Eve article.
[Thanks to for the info]

2. Burn Book Bitch's Spoiler and Betrayal:

After spilling the spoiler secret, and ruining the suprises of spoiler clothes on SFF, BBB has now shown us her identity. She goes by xox-DIOR-xox. To me she looks rather normal, but if you take a look at her explicit sceneries, you might say this girl has issues.
Also, I saw her wearing these items that I've never seen before. I mean, of course they're adorable, but I'm wondering; is she involved with the loophole? These are the items I saw in her suite:


As you can see, the bracelet is CHANEL! And, the pin is themed after the hotbuys.
I say LOOPHOLE, but I could be wrong...
Have YOU seen these items?

[ Update NOV.17, I have found out these were superstar gifts from long ago. Shows how smart I am, haha.]

That's all for now!

[PS. TOXIC Magazine is finished and ill be having a release party! We haven't sorted out the dates, but are YOU up for a party?! Tell me, just to see if we think there will be a good turnout!]

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Eternity's Comeback!

It is an amazing issue!
Totally their best one yet.

But, the release party was absolutely utterly dreary.
We all were just posting "I'm bored." the whole time.
And, you know who didn't really show up.
I really have been to better parties on Stardoll!

Did you go?
I think the themed parties are the best one's.
Magazine one's are boring because all everyone posts is "I LOVE THE MAG!!!"
Ick! Maybe only a couple of us have social skills ;) *laughs*

PS. The experiment...I did!


The World Now Knows..

BIG news has been given out lately, particulary about the spoilers, which indeed many people have been trying to figure out how to get them. Well, in the recent post on Perez Hilton's blog, the Burn Book Bitch revealed to us how to do this. I REALLY think that what she did is what a real bitch would do, because Stardoll Fashion Forward has been getting more and more views lately from their spoilers.

All you have to do is enter this code in your address box:

NOW, the most recent item was 17793, so when you want to check for a new item, simply go up one, which will be 17794.

Next, you add a . after the numbers, and then swf

This is how to would look:

Really simple, right?

Give us your opinion. Was this what you expected from BBB, or did you really think she would go THAT far?


Hello here are some spoilers!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Minishop S A L E!

Yes, it's true. Go! And buy it all ;)

Have a nice day :D
PS: Sorry, I don't have time to write long articles now :S

Thursday, November 13, 2008

An Experiment

We have the popular people on Stardoll, right?
Well, I have made a nicencity [not an actual word! lol] test to figure out who is nice!
Obviously the nice girls are the one's
that tell me to be true to me!
And the mean girls are the one's that tell me what to do or just don't reply!
So, here are the convo's I have had:

Aww! How sweet! That is really nice of her. So, she is not a snob after all, YAY!

I commented on her outfit, but where is her reply! She said thanks, but all I got was "I Like your meDoll!"
Erm, I asked for tips???

No reply... nothing.
She must be doing something much more important!
Like, "shopping for Chanel bags" right.
How rude!

So, what do you think?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Welcome to Paris. .Next stop: Marrakesh

Next Stop on our tour of the Fashion Cities is Marrakesh, Morocco.

If you've been to Disney land, or Morocco you have some Idea of what this style is.
It's all about the textures and textiles.

Here's what Isobel has to say about this new trend:
"Marrakesh Styled Outfits Styled Outfits travels to Marrakesh for a marketplace full of many-printed, many-textured, arty-ethnic textiles: on the lighter side there are chiffon sheaths, tunics and floor-length dresses and to bundle up for winter in mosaic-print skirts, fur-lined coats and sumptuous suede boots. Inspired by designers such as Dries van Noten, D&G and Gucci Marrakesh Fashion City is in sync with the current avant-garde edge of fashion exploring texture and pattern in robe dresses, knee-high boots, tassles, shearling and curly lamb - virtual, of course."

Personally I love the mixture of the blue dress and fur vest located on page 3 of the column in the Voice.
Looks like a some fun with patterns here in Marrakesh!

Stay tuned for more days on the streets of Paris.

Much love. .

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Is it just me??

Is it just me?
Doree or whatever can get you rad highlights which we all know can look fab when put on correctly.
But, the hair dyes?
Only about three colours (sorry for kiwi spelling) that we can't get in our own styling studio.
The one's below us are one's that we can all access in styling studio!
So, why is Stardoll doing this?
No one knows.


Monday, November 10, 2008

Can't Post..

My computer is barely working right now ( I have no idea why ) and I am trying to post something I was going to write, but i'll have to wait tomorrow. Soz, my computer really sucks.

I'll post Tues. don't worry!
Sorry for the inconvenience,

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Toxic Magazine!

Hello beautifuls :)
I am so stoked to announce some news about the upcoming magazine, Toxic Magazine, created by SD-Model_Agency. I am the graphics designer, and I wanted to let everyone know that the mag will be finished in a week or so! I will put the link on this site when it's done. Here's a sneak peek at the cover, with our covergirl, KatieLOVE1!!!

This is just a little preview, it's not the whole cover.
You like?
Don't forget to check out the official magazine club, Toxic-Magazine, and SD-model_agency's other clubs like SMA_Modeling!
Kiss, and au revoir!
Shelby_2007 <3

Stardoll magazine

Hello ! I don't know if you saw this but now you can go to the stardoll magazine's staff's pages!

I think that it is so cool to see who actuallly works for the stardoll magazine! But they forgot someone in their list: A graphic editor !

So what do you think?

My Opinion: Chinese Stardoll

Lately, everyone has been talking about the new Chinese verison of Stardoll. What I think about it, well first of all, I think its a great idea for people who can actually READ what the website says, but for those like me, I don't think it's useful. I mean, its cool that we get to be Superstar for free and buy rares cheap, but I like the old Stardoll better. Now, for my favorite part, let's name the goods and the bads...

Good: Chinese Version

Free Superstar Membership

Buy rares for cheap

Free items in StarPlaza

Free items in Minishop

Bad: Chinese Version

Can't understand a word

Not useful

Here is a screenshot of the Chinese Version:

Click here to go to the website.

What do you think about it? Do you think it's fun, or is it just a waste of time?

Welcome to PARIS . . . . Fashion Cities of the World

Hey Everyone. . . Paris here once again. .

Did anyone else receive an e-mail from Stardoll today?? If you didn't here's what it said:

" Fashion Cities of the World

Stardoll is travelling the world and you are invited along -- come be a part of this Fashionable Grand Tour and try on our beautifully illustrated international collections in StarPlaza and a new Fashion Cities Scenery, which launches 13/11.

Next Stop London
Dress yourself in punk tartans, skinny pants, dark crayola leopard prints and narrow shouldered silhouettes. Morph your pash for the British classics: trenchcoats, kilts, punks and teddyboys into amusing and rakish looks for fall.

Fly into Marrakesh (launches 12/11)
It's a marketplace full of many-printed, many-textured, arty-ethnic textiles. Swan about in chiffon sheaths, twirly tunics and fabulous floor-length dresses or bundle up for winter in fur-lined coats, tassled knee-high boots, with details in shearling and curly lamb - virtual, of course.

Take a Time Out in Tokyo (launches 19/11)
Mix and (mis)match different fashions in looks from Tokyo's famous Harajuku district. Magnify your own rebelliousness with over-the-top clothes, accessories and makeup or try dressing up like your favorite cartoon/anime or computer game character. When people want to take your picture SMILE and say chiizu!

Come Style your way across the Globe with Stardoll

Twinkle Twinkle y'all

Callie Stardoll

Pretty exciting news if you ask me, I can't wait to see Tokyo!!

Stay tuned for more days on the streets of Paris. . .
Much Love,


Saturday, November 8, 2008

More more and more gift dresses!!!

When is stardoll going to understand that we don't want those ugly dresses!!!

Seriously who is going to wear those dresses?! Even my grand-mother will never wear those ''dresses'' if we could call it dresses because they look nothing like dresses. Anyway here is the picture. You will be shocked!

Welcome to PARIS . . . .

Hey everyone, I'm Charli-Paris Jacobs. I'm 14 years old, and I am from all over. You may know me as '' on Stardoll. If not, check out my suite & add me as a friend.

My life is pretty ironic, considering 'Paris' is the fashion capital of the WORLD, and not only is my NAME Paris, but I have a true passion for fashion. Fashion plays a huge part in my life. My fashion icons include Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, & Audrey Hepburn. I'm super into the whole 'Boho Chic' meets 'High Fashion', but with a little hint of Charli. My favorite pieces of clothing are, Scarves, hats, necklaces, and a really adorable blazer from forever 21. I really feel as though being not original is completely unacceptable. It's not that difficult. And no, having style is not going into American Eagle and picking out exactly what you see on the hanger. It's about taking risks, paring things that normally wouldn't go together, and ultimately knowing how to ACCESSORIZE!
I hope to one day either be a fahion designer, or Actress. Though I know I have set high goals for myself and the chances of them happending are pretty slim, but I'm truly willing to do whatever it takes to get there. I believe 100% in myself, and I just wish others would too.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more days on the streets of Paris.
much love,


Hey guys! I'm soooo sorry about not writing in FOREVER, but I am so busy with school, friends, homework, making Toxic Magazine, dance, and guitar!
I know, busy.
Well, I only have a few minutes, but I promise my other entries will be more thought out haha.
Congrats to moi3000 for becoming a writer!
Here's a new idea I had:
Wearing: Volcom v-neck, Citizens of humanity jeans, Chanel chain necklace.
Watching: A preview of High School Musical 3.
Wanting: To see High School Musical 3, haha.
Needing: Chocolate. NOW!
Hair: Down, poofy from being in a ponytail.
Today: Fundraised for my cheerleading team.
Well, that's all I have to say! Hope everyone's enjoying their November!
Kiss kiss,
Shelby_2007 :)

A New Writer!

Hey guys and dolls!
My name is Izzy but my Stardoll account is moi3000.
I am a new contributor to The Stardoll Newspaper.
I am so honored because the owner of this blog, Emma is like one of my besties on Stardoll!
I am a really detailed writer so my blogs might be a bit long... but there's always pretty pictures to look at!
Well, I hope you enjoy my articles on the ups and downs of Stardoll.

Peace Out!,

Star design interior

Hello I am hana Wolfick (haylin295) the new contributor of the blog. I will always write the latest gossips of stardoll.

Stardesign interior just opened, you can make curtains, can choose the patterns.

And of course it's only for superstars again.I personnaly think that it is a great, because you can make things unique and you'll be sure that it will not be in mini shop but I think if we could sell them it will be better....

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Whew, first post in "decades!" (stupid joke).. Well, first of all i'm terribly sorry I haven't been posting, its because I was out of town, then school, and then finally a bug wouldn't let me post. That bug has been fixed now, and i'm really happy!! I'll be posting my butt off, and that's a promise :D

Back to what I wanted to say.. there are FREE ITEMS IN THE MINISHOP! It'll be on NEW, so all you gotta do is click on the minishop button and there it is! (More free items on second page) The items are pretty lousy, but who cares, its free! It includes 3 Petshop games, a wii game, and a bunny in a weird pose.

The reason why i'm wearing red, white, and blue is.. well you guessed it.. THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION! Aaah, I wanna know who will win!!
I'm going for McCain by the way, who are you going for? Well, i'll continue my agony with biting my nails. I am scared..

Bisou!!! Yaaaaay

Yaaaaaaaaaay ;)

It's totally my style! Thanks Stardoll.