Thursday, November 13, 2008

An Experiment

We have the popular people on Stardoll, right?
Well, I have made a nicencity [not an actual word! lol] test to figure out who is nice!
Obviously the nice girls are the one's
that tell me to be true to me!
And the mean girls are the one's that tell me what to do or just don't reply!
So, here are the convo's I have had:

Aww! How sweet! That is really nice of her. So, she is not a snob after all, YAY!

I commented on her outfit, but where is her reply! She said thanks, but all I got was "I Like your meDoll!"
Erm, I asked for tips???

No reply... nothing.
She must be doing something much more important!
Like, "shopping for Chanel bags" right.
How rude!

So, what do you think?


StarDoll.Style said...

Well iv heard Fake Shake is Out in her own World She May add but Never talks too any one. A little Stuck up with her self eh but When she needs something We wont be there.

Anonymous said...

lol cool experiment

Leanne said...

Wow that is pretty mean. Fakeshake probably thinks shes too good to reply to anyone else which egts alot of people upset. Mim_Mami is really nice so is Tyrall and Dodence_bt they reply to me and actually have a convosation :)

My username is lauren_snoop if you wanna add me :D

talkzi1213 said...

FakeShake3 always replies to me, maybe she just missed your comment, she get's heaps you know.

AthenaDuffFan said...

I think fakeshake3 is generally a nice girl, she just rarely replies to guestbook comments. Writemarycat is a very sweet girl as well as modelisous who has always something good to say. Elites are not snobby as most stardolls believe. Most of them are nice and easily approachable.