Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sorry :(

**BTW, Sorry for no head banner, i'm too busy!!***

I'm not quitting, lol :D Nothing like that. It's that I haven't been on Stardoll or the internet in a couple of days. Well, my family computer crashed, and we don't have another one. My dad fixed it, but the Internet Explorer is the OOOLD kind, and the font isn't right. We were going to upgrade to Internet Explorer 9 or something, but thats the reason why our computer crashed. Anyways, I won't be on till maybe Saturday or Sunday, since I can't even reply to my own messages. I am TERRIBLY sorry y'all, I really am!

Tell me, what has happened over the past couple of days? I heard LOTS of things happened, including the new starplaza! Love it, hate it...?

I personally think the old one was better, simply because it was just more easier. Now they've added the frickin' "dressing room", and thats just messin' everything up. I don't really like it, and I really wish Stardoll could just stop upgrading everything.

Tell us what you think!

NOTE: Please do not send me any messages on my Stardoll, it won't let me reply to any of them!! OH, AND NOTE TO EMMA***** I live in the Central Time Zone :D

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