Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Yes, most of us All here on Stardoll Dream to be Superstar. Whether we want it forever, or want it if we don't have it. Of course, Superstar is a privilege, and a total waste of money. Read on...
I did some research, and asked my friends what they thought of superstar. Some said, "I love it! It's so cheap and i want to be one Forever." While others said, "It's a waste of Money" or "I wish it was free".
Hadn't Stardoll thought that some parents may not be able to to pay with the choices available?
I Think Superstar is a bit Expensive for Virtual Items, but my Parents Let still let me be one and pay ten dollars every month. That's 30 per three months, and 100 per year! Those one hundred could be used to buy something important to life.
I visited the Help Section on Stardoll to search what you get when being superstar, having superstar membership. (Just so you know, Superstar Membership is payed by credit card, and Normal superstar is payed by Phone, but you get less stardollars.) This is what you get....
STARDOLL SAYS: “Superstar is our exclusive VIP membership club. As a Superstar you will enjoy:
* A premium package of Stardollars, paid out over the course of your Superstar Membership* StarBazaar: Open your own Vintage stall in the StarBazaar and re-sell your old clothes.
* 10 rooms for your Superstar Suite
* Superstar Chat: Extra features including emoticons when you invite your friends into your Suite to chat and play.
* 50% Superstar Sales are just for you. Stretch those Stardollars even further.
* Early access to all New Stardolls
* Featured status on the Stardoll Catwalk - displayed on every start page
* Saving up to 30 different dolls in your expanded Album
* Being able to send Broadcast Messages to the entire Stardoll world.
* A golden frame around your Avastar and a highly ranked search profile
* Superstars can top-up their account with even more Stardollars
* A Superstar badge on your Avastar and nickname
* Special high-end items from Real Brands, Celebrity labels and our own designs are kept in reserve for your Superstar delectation
* Design, buy and sell your own original fashions in the StarDesign Studio
* Be the first to enjoy all our upcoming singular Superstar features now in development.”
Great Features! But don’t you think the Non-Superstars should get at least twenty stardollars per week? Or even being able to buy and sell from the Starbazaar?
We probably all remember the non-superstar strike that happened about two-three months ago. Well, who ever came up with that silly idea was wrong. Why would stardoll listen to our opinion? All they want is money...
So... What do you think? Should Superstar be enabled for all... or stay the way it is now?
Sincerely, Jessica ©


Alayna247 said...

Superstar costs money because the site stays open like that
but they should do like buy a month get 1 free! that would save us money and they would maybe make more if lots became SS

yasas10 said...

It should cost less...
But like SD would do that!