Saturday, October 18, 2008

Starplaza Do's and Donts

We all visit starplaza planning what to buy next. There are so many varieties, yet so many combinations. Once a month, I will write an entry all about the dos and don’ts in starplaza. ‘What to buy and what not to buy...’
Have you ever seen something so cute in starplaza, but seem to find nothing to make it work? Well I have too. That’s why a great way to make something work is to layer and accessorize.
I interviewed some of my friends to get some answers. I asked callie_a737 if there were any outfits in starplaza she had trouble matching up. She answered, “I really find anything from "Fudge" hard to match. Everything is very brightly coloured and has nothing to go with it.”She was absolutely right. I spent half an hour in fudge trying to match up some ‘mistakes’ with no prevail. What I also noticed was some girls with the ‘tanned’ skin colour buy the orange flounced top in fudge expecting it would work. Well it doesn’t! The colour completely clashes with the skin tone and looks very tacky indeed. Thankyou callie_a737 for pointing that one out. Visit her page for some of her fab fashion styles on the link below:
But Fudge isn’t the only mistake in starplaza. Other fashion don’ts include...
-Fallen Angel. Some of the outfits can be well matched up, but some just look too ‘black scened’. Too see the right way to match fallen angel merch, Visit the owner of this blog, Emma, for her fabulous styles.
-Tingeling. I think we’re not little children playing dress up here. I mean, really. Musketeer capes? Mermaid Skirts? Clown oriented Balloon Trousers? Girls, unless you found something to match DO NOT buy anything from Tingeling for now. But, don’t get TOO caught up in what I said. The Paris dress and black lace dress are both still acceptable if matched up with the right accessories.
Thanks to VanilorDragon, I have noticed something also very important and sad in starplaza.
“I find a lot of the pants/skirts/shirts hard to match with tops. They may appear the same colour in the store, but once you buy them, they're off on colour by a little, but just enough to be noticed.”What a rip off! But...
I’m not going to just talk about the dont’s. Let’s talk about the dos. Likwhoaitsmaria gave a very helpful tip for us stardoll shoppers. “Most of the stuff in the starplaza is really matchy matchy lol. But I kind of like to have seprates because your outfit looks more original when you make it yourself and dont just put two pieces that are obviously supposed to go together, together.” So true. Go check out likwhoitsmaria’s match-ups on
Lastly, I will talk about how to match up what’s ‘hot right now’ in starplaza. Most of my friends agreed on the black lace theme.
Maria_la_mala says, “ii THiiNK WHAT iiS H0T RiiGHT N0W iiS THE BALCK LACE iiTS S00 PRETTY HAHA :]]” The best way to match up black lace for a low budget is to buy the black lace dress from tingeling for 6 stardollars, the black lace umbrella for 5 stardollars and the black lace scarf for 4 stardollars. You can always match it with a pair of black shoes of your choice.
This costs up to 15 stardollars. Not bad!
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