Monday, December 1, 2008


The New Hotbuys are Quite Stunning! they Consist of....
-A White 'Angel' Dress with Excuisite Detail on the Front.-Jewel Butterfly Clips, quite Adorable, But Not suitable for Elegant Black.
-Diamond Hotbuy Shoes, Very Chic! Can go with any Black Outfit.
-Fluffy Black Hotbuys Jacket, Very Cute! Can go with Almost any dress.
-Glittery Hot buy Skirt, I say it seems Very familiar. Not my Favourite, But, can go very well with Old DKNY.
-A Brown Hotbuys HandBag, Looks like a Label There? It seems as if that had been from a Big Brand, Stardoll Must've took a Photo and Altered it on Graphic Software.
-A Layered Jewel Necklace. Quite Chic, Mettallic Blue Tones will go very well with the Necklace.
-Peacock Feathered Earings, Cultural, Go's very well with Blue, Brown, and Green Tones.
-a Glittery Blouse, Quite Nice and Suits the new Hotbuys Shoes.
-Hot Buys Pants, I See they were trying capture the Arabian Culture, but sought of Scared me.
Looks Like Whats in this December is Culture, Metallics, and Jewels.
Very Rare thing to See near Christmas Time!
Have Great Holidays!

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