Sunday, December 21, 2008

Eternity Christmas Ball Best Dressed

Here they are, best dressed!

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I love the classic white, and how she added the ruffles at the bottom.

The gold belt adds the perfect touch,

Beautiful Hunningall!

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I absolutely love the simplicity of it.

All it is, is two or three dresses, and a belt. Done.

I really like it :)

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This is probably my favourite.

I love it.

It's so, Grecian, with a hint of winter, and modern.

I think it's amazing.

Congrats, Ellie!

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I stand corrected. This dress is so phenomenal.

Absolutely outstanding, Mary!

I would say Mary and Ellie had the most gorgeous dresses of the night.

Well, good job to everyone, because all of you looked stunning!

And fun party!




Anonymous said...

Did fakeshake even attend? And WriteMaryCat's the host, of course she has to be one of the best dressed.

shelby_2007 said...

Yes, Ellie attended the party. And yes, as a host, Mary had to be very sharply dressed. And she was.