Friday, December 5, 2008

It's Britney Bitch! Return Of The Pop Princess.


Hey guys! I'm back! Weeelll, I'm super excited for Christmas, and for my birthday, which is on December 28th! But anyways, I'm here to talk about the legend of pop herself...
Britney Spears.
'It's Britney bitch' [cue music]

Haha, anyways, her album, Circus, JUST came out!
britney Pictures, Images and Photos

I think she looks absolutely stunning [cough cough; airbursh; cough] But still, she looks like a doll. I really like the song Circus, Mannequin, and some others :)

What do you think about Miss.B's new album?

It's Shelby_2007 bitch.

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