Saturday, December 6, 2008


Christmas countdown: 19 more sleeps!
Anyway, I took a little visit to Star_Awards this morning, and found a clothing item I thought was rather peculiar.
I'd never seen it before, have you?


If you've seen it, can you tell me how Star_Awards got it?

I've never seen the Limited Editon store, and I'm wondering, if Stardoll had it for even a second, why was it 175 dollars?!!

It's cute though, huh?


Shelby_2007 :)


yasas10 said...

She got it from the LE store.
The prices ranged from $25-$250.

BubbleBig said...

IT sa t the LE store. Just head to the starplaza now.

Silverbear said...

As Yas said,They are a ripoff and all gone now.Try to be a bit more informed though,a post like that could get nasty comments saying stuff like " u dont even no ders a le store ur so dumb." and things like that.